About Texas IMT

Texas IMT is a full service company, providing consultation, training, and exercises in Incident Management and Emergency Services.


In all of our years of training and exercising to be ready for whatever kind of emergency or incident that can be thrown at us, we have never felt like the process was completed properly.  Every company or agency that ran us through our paces in an exercise soon left town without giving real solutions to the problems that they identified in the exercises.

Texas IMT can give you those solutions and suggestions to complete the process.  It is still up to you and your agency to follow through and make the changes necessary but we can give you real world training and experiences to be successful when the bad thing that will eventually happen, does happen.


  • Identifying the solutions is the first step.
  • Training your management team is the next logical step.  History has shown that improper incident management has caused as many problems as the disaster itself.  The Incident Command System (ICS) is the key process to proper incident management.
  • Texas IMT can provide the ICS and position specific training to help make you successful.